Privacy Policy

The Premier Residence Co., Ltd. strictly practices that your privacy is important when we use your personal information to operate our business and/or provide services to you. The Company is aware of your trust, therefore, the Company will treat your personal information with care and reasonableness. Your personal data will be protected according to the Personal Data Protection Act 2013

Company, as a personal data protector, we are legally obliged to inform you of this privacy policy. which describes the collection, use, analysis and processing including disclosing your personal information and your rights as the subject of personal data And the company confirms that it has taken steps in accordance with this law to protect your personal information.

The company reserves the right to amend this Privacy Policy from time to time, so please check regularly to see when this Privacy Policy was last revised. any changes It will be effective immediately when the Company publishes the Privacy Policy. any such amendments on the Company’s website In the case of amendments to the deprivation of your rights in sensitive information in accordance with this Privacy Policy, the Company will proceed to obtain your consent first. unless otherwise required by law


Personal Information (General) means personal information of a person who can identify that person either directly or indirectly. But this does not include information about the deceased and anonymous information that cannot be identified. of the owner of the information such as name, surname, address, e-mail, ID card number Information of juristic persons according to the form of registration according to the definition of the Department of Business Development, namely taxpayer identification number. Company address

Sensitive Personal Data is personal data that requires special protection. This requires special care when collecting, using or disclosing this type of personal information, such as personal information about race, ethnicity, political opinions. cult Religion or philosophy of sexual behavior or Criminal records, health information, disability, trade union information genetic information and biological information.

Personal Data Owner means the person who owns the Personal Data that the Company collects and uses. or disclose personal information, including but not limited to customers, shareholders, business partners, service providers and stakeholders with the Company.

Biometrics means personal data generated through the use of techniques or technologies related to the application of a person’s physical or behavioral characteristics to enable the identification of that individual as opposed to another person, such as a visual representation. face iris simulation data or fingerprint data.

Public Information means Personal data that the personal data subject has made public, such as profile information on social media. When using social media credentials such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Line and other online platform formats existing and new platforms in the future. To connect to or access any of the Company’s services, such as social media account IDs, interests, likes, and friend lists of personal data subjects. The personal data subject can control the storage of this privacy through the social media account settings provided by the social media service provider.

Sources of Personal Information

  1. The ways of personal information that could have comes from you directly, are through the following channels;
    1. Registration by creating an account through the website or application.
    2. Contacting the company to obtain information about the project you are interested in.
    3. Appointment to visit the project.
    4. Providing your information to the Company when visiting the project.
    5. You participate in the Company’s promotional activities via electronic channels or social network channels or normal channels.
    6. Applying to work with the company
    7. Applying to be a partner of the company
  2. Personal data obtained from cookies (Cookies) when you visit our website. This information helps the Company to provide better, faster, safer services and for your privacy. when you use the service and/or enter the Platform.
  3. Personal information from third parties such as agents, merchants or companies providing data collection services, partners, etc.
  4. Personal data obtained from Public Records and Non-Public Records to which the Company is legally entitled to collect.
  5. Personal data obtained from governmental or regulatory bodies exercising jurisdiction.
  6. Personal data obtained from affiliates.

Purposes for collecting, using and disclosing personal data

General purpose for running a business

For the legitimate interest or the legitimate interests of third parties or your legitimate interests without compromising your fundamental rights to your personal data; and/or

For the performance of the contract to which you are a party or for the processing of your request prior to entering into the contract; and/or

In order to comply with the law of the company or to prevent or suppress harm to the life, body or health of persons; and/or

To conduct statistical research and analysis, including the development of new products and services, or to evaluate and improve the Company’s existing products and services; and/or

To facilitate various business transactions.

To assist you with your queries and suggestions.

Marketing objectives

If you have given us your consent, we may use your personal information for the purposes of marketing our products and services, for marketing purposes such as notifying you of the latest events, special offers and promotions of the Company and/or providing We market to inform you of products and services that are particularly interesting and relevant to you..

Purposes for lawful conduct

In addition to collecting, using, disclosing and processing your personal data with your consent or for the performance of a contract with you The Company may also do so for our legitimate business operations. (without overriding your interests or rights) as follows:

  1. For the management of the company’s business. The Company may disclose your personal information to third parties. services to the company including service providers And the company’s data processors such as web hosting (Web Hosting), data processing (Data Analysis), messaging services, payment transaction management, marketing, human resources. and the company’s consultants and experts.
  2. The person who book/buy/consign/rent. Company projects if you are booking or staying at a Company owned or managed property. The Company may use it for communication prior to visiting the Program, for communication after visiting the Program, booking, purchasing, contracting, as well as sending you satisfaction surveys and/or inviting you to join the Company’s loyalty program or subscription. by email to receive company news and/or use it to assess your needs. To create a good experience for you for booking, purchasing, accessing the Company’s services. both now and in the future.
  3. If you are a job applicant, The Company may disclose your personal information to its affiliates. For the purpose of offering additional employment opportunities.
  4. Investors and/or Shareholders. If you are an investor or shareholder of The Premier Residence Co., Ltd., the Company may use your personal information. for sending company information and/or to build relationships for investors and shareholders..

Comply with regulatory requirements

Collection of personal information

The Company will collect your personal information as necessary to provide services to you. for you to inquire for information and to conduct business in such a way that you can expect the Company to use your personal information for that purpose. The Company may collect, use or disclose different types of your personal information, which can be classified into the following groups:

  1. Contact information such as name-surname, address, e-mail address, telephone number, project you are interested in, budget range for project rental, duration for renting a residence.
  2. Technical data includes the computer’s IP address, browser type, time zone settings, location, operating system, platform and technology of the device used to access the website.
  3. Usage Data includes the web pages you accessed before you entered the Platform, the web pages you visit, the amount of time you spend viewing the web pages, products or information you search on the Platform, time and date of visits to the website, information on how to view the website.
  4. Communication information (Communication Data), including email, chat logs and information in communication
  5. Contract related information (Contract-related Data) including ID number, address, date of birth, gender

The Company has shown details of personal data collection, purposes, classified by type of activities as follows:
Activities, data types, purposes of processing

1) Serve you including providing information about projects or services that interest you
– Contact information – as necessary for the performance of the service contract
– Communication information – to provide information about the projects you are interested in.

2) To manage relationships with you as a customer (Customer Relations) by organizing promotional activities
– Contact information – as necessary for the performance of the contract
– Communication information – to recommend projects that are in line with your needs. and collect data and study
Customer service model to improve the company’s services

3) To manage the Company’s website and improve the company’s services, and to solve technical problems that arise in the use of the website
– Contact information
– Communication information
– For the use of information and statistics on your website usage to plan your business for more efficient development

For users For users that register on our website (if any), we also store the personal information they provide in their user profile. All the users can see, edit, or delete their personal information at any time (except they cannot change their username).

4) To analyze data for website development and develop customer experience in receiving services from the company
– Technical information
– Usage information
– For the benefit of improving the website to suit the use of the customer

5) To enter into contracts related to the rent of real estate
– Contact information
– Information related to the contract
– For the necessity of the performance of the contract

6) Contact and send information to the bank to facilitate the processing of loan applications.
– Contact information
– Information related to the contract
– The Company will request your express consent for the use of personal information. for the fulfillment of the contract related to the loan application

7) To direct marketing to you by offering other projects or services that may be of interest to you. (Only if you have given your consent)
– Contact information
– The Company will obtain your express consent to direct marketing of your personal data for the offer of housing projects or services that may be of interest to you.

8) To use for the power of attorney for contacting government agencies for the transfer of ownership of a condominium or house
– Contact information
– Information related to the contract
– The Company will request your express consent for the use of personal information. for the necessity of the performance of the contract

9) For corporate and rental management services and other services pertaining to living
– Contact information
– Communication information
– For the necessity of the performance of the contract

10) Applying for a job
– contact information
– family information
– Educational information
– work history information
– Criminal history information
– Health history information (if any)
– The Company will request your express consent for the use of personal information. for the necessity for processing requests prior to entering into the contract

Depending on the purposes for each Company activity, the Company may use more than one legitimate personal data processing base to process your personal data. that use your personal information

Asking for Consent and Possible Effects of Withdrawing Consent

In the event that the Company collect and process personal data with your consent. You have the right to withdraw your consent you have given to the Company at any time, and this withdrawal will not affect the collection, use, disclosure or processing of personal data for which you have given consent.

If you withdraw the consent you have given to the company or refuse to provide certain information, may result in the company failure to perform some or all of the purposes outlined in this Privacy Policy.

If you are not over 20 years of age, before giving consent, please inform the company details of the user of parental power so that the company Able to obtain consent from the user of the parental authority with respect to the storage period and the storage location of personal data. Personal data will be stored for as long as necessary, taking into account the purpose and the need for the Company to collect and process it. This includes complying with the requirements of applicable law in such matters. The Company will store personal data after the expiration of the term of the contract you have entered into with the Company. and in accordance with the terms and conditions of the relevant laws The Company will store it in an appropriate storage location according to the type of personal data. The Company is obliged to continue to keep personal data even after the statutory limitation period has expired, such as in the event of legal proceedings or legal proceedings. etc.

Security measures for personal information

The security of your personal information is important to the Company and the Company has established policies, regulations and criteria for personal information protection such as security standards of information technology systems. and measures to protect personal data from loss Unauthorized access, use or disclosure Use or disclose information off-purpose misuse Modification and destruction using security technologies and procedures such as encryption and access restrictions. This ensures that only authorized persons have access to your personal information and that they are trained on the importance of protecting personal information.

The company provides appropriate security measures. To prevent the loss, access, use, change, amendment, disclosure of personal information from those who do not have rights or duties in relation to that personal information. and will provide a review of such measures when necessary. or when technology changes to provide appropriate security performance.

The company has determined that employees, personnel, agents and recipients of information from the company have a duty to keep your personal information confidential and secure according to the measures set by the company. When any processing of your personal data is required

Personal data collected

The company will collect information that the owner of the personal information has provided directly to the company and / or personal information that the company has received from the service or the operation of the company.

Personal data means information related to the identification of a natural person. An identifiable natural person means A person who can be personally identified directly or indirectly. by referring to any indicator such as;

  • Name
  • Email
  • Address / office address
  • telephone number
  • ID card number
  • Passport number
  • birthday
  • nationality
  • sex
  • Computer serial number (IP address)

Browsing behavior data means information that is not related to an identifiable natural person, such as browser type, domain, website visited. website time Reference website address for customer support There will be a log of your usage from on the company’s application.

System Information means information that the Company automatically collects when you log in to the Company’s website. Whether through cookies, web beacons, login files, scripts, including technical information such as IP address, browser type, domain, history of the websites visited. Access time referring website address Information about what you search for or view while using the Company’s website includes: Application usage behavior.

Location Data means information received from GPS, Wi-Fi, compass, accelerometer, IP Address or public post that identifies location data.

Cookies refer to the text files placed on your computer that are used to store log details of your internet usage or your browsing behavior. We use cookies to store information about your visit to our website to help us provide a better, faster, safer service and for your privacy. when you use the service through the company website Cookies will be used in the following cases:

  1. For the operation of the website, Functionality Cookies, use these types of cookies to help us recognize your device or browser so that we can more quickly tailor content to your personal interests. and help make the service and platform more convenient and beneficial to you To disable these cookies, you can set up your device by viewing the help of your browser or device.
  2. For analytics purposes (Analytic Cookies) use Analytics cookies provided by Facebook and Google to analyze visitor traffic in order to offer you products or services through social media advertising. These process your personal data. This can be done by not pressing the cookie acceptance button on our website.

Use of personal data of particularly sensitive individuals

In the offering of products or services of the Company, or to carry out the purposes of collecting personal information of the company. In some cases, the company is required to collect especially sensitive personal information, such as a copy of the ID card that appears religion on the front of the ID card. bio data and health data, etc., in which case The company will notify and seek consent from the owner of the personal data. To use personal data that is particularly sensitive to carry out the purposes for which the Company’s personal data is used. or requesting to conceal religion on the ID card.

Disclosure of personal information

Disclosure of Personal Information in The Premier Residence Co., Ltd

The Company may disclose or share your personal information with organizations within the Premier Residence Co., Ltd. for the purpose of collecting or disclosing personal information. Disclosure of Personal Information to Persons Outside the Organization or Outside Agencies. The Company may disclose your Personal Information for the purposes of collecting or disclosing the above Personal Information by disclosing information as required or permitted by law. In the following cases Vendors and Third Party Service Providers of the Company which is involved in providing business services, operational support and/or administration of the Company, such as audits, legal, marketing information, payment details, and order execution. , Auditor, Revenue Department, Department of Labor, other person or juristic person that the company participates in marketing and promotion Government agency, government or other legal organization In order to comply with the law, order, request, to coordinate with various agencies on matters related to legal compliance. both domestic and foreign financial institutions, including financial funds that the company Contact for financial assistance.

Transferring and/or sending personal data abroad

In the event that the Company transfers, transfers and/or sends information to foreign countries, the Company will set standards for entering into agreements and/or contracts of business with agencies. the organization to which the personal data will be obtained have accepted standards for personal data protection and in accordance with the relevant laws To ensure that personal information will be protected safely.

Marketing activities and marketing promotions

In addition to the above purposes and under the provisions of the law, The Company will use personal data for marketing purposes such as sending promotional materials by post, e-mail and by any other means. including direct marketing operations To increase the benefits that the personal data subject will receive from being a customer of the Company through referrals of related products and services. You may opt-out of receiving communications for marketing purposes from the Company except for those communications that are relevant and necessary. and/or services that the Company has provided to you, such as an invoice for payment of installments and receipts, etc.

Rights of the Owner of personal data subject

As the owner of personal data You have the right to act to the extent permitted by law, as follows:

Right to withdraw consent

If you have given your consent to the company collecting, using and disclosing your personal information. Unless otherwise stated (whether the consent you have given before or after the date on which the Personal Data Protection Act comes into force), you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time during the period your personal data is with the Company. There is a limitation of that right by law or there is a contract that benefits you.

Right to request access to information

You have the right to request access to your personal data that is under the Company’s responsibility. and ask the company to make a copy of such information for you Including asking the company to disclose how your personal information was obtained without your consent.

Right to request data transfer

You have the right to obtain your personal data in the event that the Company has made it available in a readable or generally usable format with a device or device that works automatically and is able to use or disclose personal data. by automatic method as well as having the right to request the Company to transmit or transfer personal data in such form to other personal data controllers whenever possible by automated means. and has the right to receive personal data that the company sends or transfers personal data in such form to other personal data controllers directly unless it can’t be operated due to technical reasons.

Right to object

You have the right to object at any time. If the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information is done for the legitimate interest of the Company or that of another person. or to carry out missions for the public benefit If you file an objection The Company will continue to collect, use, and disclose your personal data only where the Company can demonstrate legal grounds that it is more important than your fundamental rights. or in order to verify compliance with the law or fighting legal action on a case-by-case basis.

.Right to request deletion or destruction of information

You have the right to request deletion or destruction of your personal data. Or make it non-identifiable information If you believe that your personal information has been unlawfully collected, used and disclosed in accordance with applicable law or deems that the Company no longer needs to be kept in accordance with the objectives involved in this policy or when you have exercised the right to withdraw consent or exercise the right to object as stated above deletion or destruction or put your personal information in a form that does not identify the person who owns the personal information Or the cancellation of the consent of the personal data subject can only be done under the provisions of the law and the contract with the company. other services because the identity of the owner of the personal data cannot be identified. Consequently, there may be some limitations in providing services that require personal information. and may cause the owner of the personal data to not be entitled to the benefits of the service and news from the next company.

Right to request to suspend the use of information

You have the right to request to temporarily suspend the use of personal data in the event that the company is in the process of reviewing the request for the right to correct your personal data or object to it. or any other cases where the Company is no longer necessary and has to delete or destroy your personal data in accordance with the relevant laws, but you request the Company to suspend its use instead.

Right to request correction of information

You have the right to request that your personal data be corrected, current, complete and not misleading.

Exercise of rights

The exercise of your rights above can be done by completing the exercise request form and submitting a complaint to the competent authority, however your exercise of rights may be limited under applicable law. and there are some cases where there is a necessity that the company may refuse or may not be able to act upon your request to exercise any of the above rights, such as being required to comply with law or a court order. for public benefit The exercise of rights may infringe upon the rights or liberties of others, etc. If the Company refuses the above request The company will also inform you of the reason for the refusal.

Period for the exercise of various types of rights
1.Right to withdraw consent for 30 days
2.Right to request access to information for 45 days
3.Right to request data transfer 45 days
4.Right to object 45 days
5.Right to request deletion or destruction of data 45 days
6.Right to request to amend information 45 days
7.The right to request a suspension of data usage for 30 days

Problem management in the event of a data leak

The company has set guidelines to deal with problems in the event of personal information leakage as follows:

  1. When a personal information leak is detected or received a complaint. Any person who detects or receives a complaint must report it to the chairman of the company’s personal data committee. or a personal data protection officer to conduct an audit Coordinate with the parties responsible for the data to find the cause of the data leak. and report to the relevant regulatory authorities as required by law.
  2. When detecting the cause of Company’s system, we would coordinate with our Information Technology Department to suspend or temporarily shut down the system to perform bug fixes improvements or notify the external service provider of the system to take corrective action immediately inside the company To immediately suspend access to that person’s information. and set up an investigation committee according to the company’s measures external service provider Have the external service provider check the cause and report back to the company within 24 hours from the company have informed during which the company Temporarily suspend the transmission of information to the external service provider until the problem is resolved.
  3. For leaked information, the company will take steps to deal with that information, limiting the damage as much as possible. Whether it by legal process or other methods as the case may be.
  4. The company will notify the complainant of the progress from time to time. To the progress of the damage limitation, cause, prevention revised at the company. was carried out in each step.

Privacy Policy of Other Websites

This Edition of the Privacy Policy is solely for the provision of the Company’s services and use of the Company’s website. Only if you have accessed another website (Even through channels on the Company’s website) You must study and comply with the Privacy Policy. that appear on that website separately from the Company.

Updates to the Privacy Policy

The company reserves the right to update, change or amend this privacy policy in the future. under the regulations of the law And any changes will be announced through the Company’s website.

Contact us

If you want to contact us to exercise the rights of the data subject. Or if you have any questions or complaints, you can contact us through the following channels;


Tel: +66 (0) 91-235-7776

296/97, Moo 10, Nongprue, Banglamung, Chonburi, 20150